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No-Go to Child and Family Services Extension

An editor has added arguments against passage of H.R. 2790, the Child and Family Services Extension and Enhancement Act (after following the link, click the “read more” button). “The Child ‘Protective’ System over the past 35 years has degenerated into an utter failure, a lawless tyranny, devoid of honesty or moral authority; An Organized Crime […]

Don’t Let Homeless Children Fall Through the Cracks!

So writes the author a new petition. The petition supports H.R. 32, the Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2011. According to the petition’s author, the bill is meant to make sure that all homeless children are accounted for and recieve the same rights to education as everyone else. We’re glad to see people using […]

Get the Lead Back In!

Lead in children’s toys was a big story last year, and it might have caused Congress or regulators to go overboard in an anti-lead crusade. Because now Congress is considering a bill to relax the anti-lead standards for “secondary sales, repair services, and certain vehicles.” Lead is bad for kids, but you don’t have to […]