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A Fiscal 2014 Spending Update

When we last reported on the movement of spending bills for fiscal 2014, there was a sharp difference of opinion between the Democratic Senate and the Republican House on agriculture spending. That’s still the sharpest division between the two.

But now there are more bills to compare.

For example, the House has introduced an Energy and Water spending bill to match the Senate’s. The House’s plan would save about $15 per U.S. family compared to the Senate plan, spending just $364 per family rather than $375.

The Senate now has moved on the Military/Veterans spending bill, so we can compare its approach to the House’s. (The Senate didn’t introduce its own. It’s moving a version of the House bill.) The House version included spending of $1,474. The Senate’s more recent amendment would spend $1,496 per U.S. family.

The House and Senate differ just a wee bit on the Transportation Department and Housing and Urban Development. The House wants to spend a paltry $1,090, and the Senate would generously spend $1,114.

Below is an updated chart showing what spending bills are out there at this point. Let your members of Congress and senators know what you think, of course. They can’t do your bidding if you don’t let them know what you want. We’ll update you and the chart again as spending season continues…

Bill House Senate
Budget Resolution* H. Con. Res. 25 ($26,705) S. Con. Res. 8 ($28,439)
Agriculture H.R. 2410 ($489) S. 1244 ($1,231)
Defense H.R. 2397 ($5,570)
Energy & Water H.R. 2609 ($364) S. 1245 ($379)
Financial Services
Homeland Security H.R. 2217 ($450)
Interior & Environment
Labor/HHS/Education S. 1284 ($7,161)
Legislative Branch S. 1283 ($31)
Military/Veterans H.R. 2216 ($1,474) H.R. 2216($1,496)
State/Foreign Operations
Transportation/HUD H.R. 2610 ($1,090) S. 1243 ($1,114)

*Budget resolutions set overall spending amounts but do not spend money.
†The Senate received and passed a version of the House bill rather than introducing its own.

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