S. 2118
The ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014

S. 2116
The Native American Seeds Protection Act of 2014

S. 2114
The Bond Transparency Act of 2014

S. 2113
The Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act

S. 2112
The Natural Gas Gathering Enhancement Act

S. 2111
The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Reauthorization Act

H.R. 4224
-- Private Bill; For the relief of Victor Hugo Santos

H.R. 4223
The International Conflicts of Concern Act

H.R. 4222
To correct the boundaries of John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System units in Florida, and for other purposes (3 wiki edits »)

H.R. 4221
The Collaborative Academic Research Efforts for Tourette Syndrome Act of 2014

H.R. 4220
The School District 318 Land Exchange Act

H.R. 4219
The Voluntary Certification Program Act of 2014

H.R. 4218
The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Reauthorization Act

H.R. 4217
The Military Commissary Sustainment Act

H.R. 4216
The Maternal Health Accountability Act of 2014

H.R. 4215
The Federal Agency Data Breach Notification Act of 2014

H.R. 4214
The Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act

H.R. 4213
The Funeral Rule Improvement Act of 2014

H.R. 4212
To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to permanently extend the 15-year recovery period for qualified leasehold improvement property, qualified restaurant property, and qualified retail improvement property

H.R. 4211
The Advantage of Medicare Advantage for Minorities and Low-Income Seniors Act of 2014

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